What I’m growing

Yesterday I started more seeds. Last week or the week before I started some onions and basil. Yesterday I started Snap peas, green bean, cherry tomatoes, sunflowers, squash, drying beans, and jalapenos. I feel like maybe I’m going a bit over board but I had the opportunity and want to learn. I will learn from my mistakes. Unless I do really good job and I make no mistakes hahaha… Well the onions are looking good from what can tell? Especially the yellow onion 😍

It is a beautiful day to hang out in your room with all your seedlings right after the new moon, reflecting on what you’ve seeded in terms of your personal growth as well. Listening to the birds waking up and getting busy, and the little baby chirps are so cute. Or listening to your favourite albums. Currently I’m mostly listening a 25 minute album called Take Care of Yourself by The Childlike Empress.

Have since moved because I worry too much sun?
That’s my jam 🍓💃🏻

Mmm wild strawberries have always been my favourite. Hopefully I will find lots this summer and have fresh jam from wild strawberries 😍

When the light leaves my body

When the light leaves my body
it will live on the Wind
dance in your hair
whisper in your ear
and make you shiver

When the light leaves my body
It will live on the snow
Just like the stars
Catch your eye
Stick to your cheek
As you tremble
And feel my cold inside
As you breath
Know that I will still feel love


I take comfort in the belief
That my Soul
Needs the Moon and her glow
When the Moon is full
Tilt your face up to where she sits in the Sky
Then her light
Falls down on your Soul
Like Dust

Now it is dust
Sun lifted small particles
And they were lost on the wind

A dark mourning

We were up all night
Sharing our lives
Future dreams of love and travel and babies
Beauty of my dreams

Morning comes
Light runs through your hair
Eyes, eyelashes
I come

A shadow covers his face
Underneath the shadow I can’t recognize him
Crows cawing
Man sighing
Sharp inhale
He’s lost

Find yourself inside of me


I walk down endless hallways
And dream of spinning webs

Soaking and showering
Shivering sweet dreams
In winds of times unknown

What if I am the time unknown?
A breeze on the water
A lift for your wings

Tickling my soul
With a gentle man’s caress
Just a look
A slight touch of your fingers
On my shoulder

And we glide together
Up and down
In and out


always looking off in the distance
watching the Birds
But I promise I’m here
Listening to your voice
Grapefruit tingles
From your toothy grin
I’m shaking
I don’t know where to look
If I look in your eyes
You know everything
Floating away (on your touch)
On a soft breeze

Disappearing into Smoke
Where did you go?
It seems I…
Let you crawl

Raining down
No water
No matter
Just you at the yellow light
Slow down
Leaving dew drops
on my skin
You make me want to go home
And think
About no one else
Caught me
off guard,
Out of breath,
In a web

I thought
Something is stuck
In my throat
But it was in my stomache

I don’t know
I don’t know anymore
Even if I did
I don’t think…
I never think…
I never thought

Not hard to swallow
Not like anyone else
You pick up my thoughts where I left off
You hear me
See me
Catch me
Spin me
Drop me
My heart
To my stomache
I think
The Soul is heavy
Do you hold yours?
And others like mine
When you look at them
With your liquorice eyes
I barely taste the salt
You threw the keys down to me
I’m not sure what to do with them
Then you asked for them back
I don’t know what to do with that either
The web in front of me is so beautiful
In the moonlight
I’m stuck
I see the dew drops
Sun setting
watch him from the West
Shades of Rose,
The Blues
And something like… Grapefruit
Star anise
Spidery liquorice roots



Def: to be fired up to find what you are good at, to be moving so fast that you are setting the ground on fire. Used as a metaphor to describe the amount of area you covered: Gwelgwelgwelenlhkan ti tmicwa kwen nscwilem kwen sn7ama, I am covering a lot of land looking for something that I am good at and travelling so fast that it seems like I am setting the world on fire.

“Gwelgwelgwelenlhkan ti tmicwa kwen nscwilem kwen sn7ama

I am covering a lot of land looking for something that I am good at and travelling so fast that it seems like I am setting the world on fire”


smoke rising from fire or ashes

my eyes are burning

pouring out tears

a thousand each for ones who have passed

who suffered at the hands of greed and fear

my aunties and uncles

my cousins

my grandmas and grandpas

the unborn



ashes of the nkakúsent that burn brightly

they shine on me

they guide me


rising from their ashes

cuystwí malh ít̓em, pulák7am múta7 saq̓úta!

come, lets sing, drum and dance

oh ne na

oh ne na

hey na ha

the loon on the water!

see how she dances

there is life in us yet

there is still water and earth

there are still songs and dances

gwelgwelgwelenlhkan ti tmicwa kwen nscwilem kwen sn7ama

like I’m setting the world on fire


the wind blew on me

so I won’t go out

so we keep burning




dance with the winds

look at the grass

see how she grows

there is still wind and fire

there are still songs and dances

and the world keeps turning


move me fast!

wá7lhkalh q̓wezílc!

we are dancing!

with the winds


so I don’t go out




dance with wind in the meadow

wá7lhkalh q̓wezílc!

move with your ancestors


rise from their ashes

from nkakúsent

so we will never be left in the darkness

dance like grass in kexem in the meadow

wá7lhkalh q̓wezílc!

tsukwkalh kelh lhkakwassasa

we will quit when evening falls

nkakúsent, give us light while we sleep